Membership: Membership in All Trails Cycling club is open to all regardless of skill level. Membership dues will be collected for the purpose of paying operating costs I.E.: USA Cycling membership, additional insurance, ETC. After operating costs are covered any balance of dues money will be donated to the local National Interscholastic Cycling Association mountain bike program.

Membership Dues: Dues will expire annually on December 31st of each year. Dues will be prorated after July 31st to half the dues fee and will expire December 31st of that year. Membership dues are as follows in U.S dollars: Individual-$20.00, Junior (18 & under) – Free, Family – $30.00

Membership Application: Please download the membership application found here. Complete, sign, date and mail along with payment to All Trails Cycling. Please print your email address. For family memberships: each member of the family must have a signed and dated membership form.

Member Benefits:

*Entry Fee Discounts

Members will receive a $20.00 discount off entry fee on the first event (fun ride or race) entered, and organized by, All Trails Cycling. After the first event entered members will receive a $10.00 discount off entry fee on any other All Trails Cycling LLC. event (fun ride or race). Discounts do not apply to junior members. Junior entry fees will be $5.00 per event regardless of the adult entry fee. Juniors as part of a family membership will only pay $5.00 per entry. $20.00 and $10.00 discounts do not apply to junior members either as individuals, or as part of a family membership. The $5.00 junior fee will cover a portion of the cost of insurance for the junior rider. To receive a free entry or discounted entry you must email the race director at The race director will register you for the event. No day of race, free or discounted entries.

Skills Clinics: Members will receive $5.00 off the first clinic fee organized by All Trails Cycling, and $5.00 off any other clinic organized by All Trails Cycling. Juniors will only pay $10.00 per clinic.

Training or Race Series: Members will receive a $5.00 discount per race on training or race series organized by All Trails Cycling. Junior entry fees will be $10.00 per event

Club Jersey

Only All Trails Cycling club members can wear the club jersey. The club jersey must be worn at All Trails Cycling events in order to receive club member discounts. Jersey will be sold at cost.

*all events may not qualify

Member benefits are subject to change. Changes will be posted on this webpage. Current members will be notified by email.

updated 1/8/2018